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Saying NO To Booze Means Saying YES To Some Hard (But Worth It!) Stuff!

As many of you know I’ve been working on my sobriety since July 31, 2018.  It feels like yesterday and also really really long ago. It wasn’t even really my idea to stop drinking so I do feel like this whole new amazing tuned in, turned up, turned on life is a gift, albeit one that I’m giving myself every damn day now.  

It was my idea to stay sober after all the signs pointed to my drinking had gotten WAY out of control.  Once I’d put together 30 days sober I realized that I felt better, like WAY fucking better. Before trying sobriety I was suicidal, sweaty, anxious and deeply unhappy with myself (and everyone else if I’m being honest).  I hated everything: my husband, my kids, my business, my mom and sisters, my dead dad, the errands, the chores, the endless tasks of being alive and grown up. I was mad at all of it and I thought drinking was my solution.  I thought it made my life fancy! And fun! And luxurious! I thought it was helping me. I was the queen of the $25 glass of wi…

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