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We Are In Charge Of How Our Kids Childhood's Feel...That's Big

Recently I pulled a red wine glass out of the cupboard to soak one of those grow-bigger-in-water toys for my 5 year old.  He surprisingly said “Oh mommy I didn’t know we had glasses for wine!” and my 12 year old just laughed because a wine glass or two were always on the counter every day before I quit drinking and I was very good at smashing them in the sink while trying to hand wash them.  The fact he didn’t even know we had them was shocking! His 2/3/4 year old brain didn’t store that info I guess and I was a wee bit grateful but then the guilt struck about what my 9 and 12 year old remember so I finally got up the courage to ask them how they felt about “before” when I was drinking 2-6 glasses of wine a night after they went to bed.  

Their response floored me: They didn’t really notice a difference.  They knew that they liked now better but couldn’t really articulate why or how.  That’s when it hit me: they take what we give them and they don’t know any different.  THEY DON’T KNO…

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